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Who We Are

We at PHOTON Technologies commit to introduce a modernized range of products to service the needs of our valuable clientele.

Our philosophy is to provide a world class product range equipped with top class technology.

We are proud to say that we have contributed to several major projects in Sri Lanka in the field of industrial whilst establishing ourselves as a supplier & service provider par excellence.

Constant growth & evolution in our field is what we strive for.

What Colour Sorters do

Color sorters are machines used on the production lines in bulk food processing including Rice  and  other industries . The  sorter separates items by their colours , detecting objects that pass through them and using mechanical ejection devices to divert items that do not fall within acceptable ranges . The PHOTON colour sorter is a customer definitive, easy to use ,optical sorting machine for all types of rice . It can be used to sort rice by colour , solve isssues pertaining to moldy rice, broken rice , eject foreign “impurities” & objects and drastically improve the quality of the finished product .

Our Vision

To be an Innovative Technology based Service provider in the field of Industrial machinery, renowned for Excellence in Reliability & Operational efficiency.

Our Mission

To work closely with our diverse regional customer base to achieve our ever evolving end goals of providing cutting edge products & superior services to match their needs whilst developing the skills & competencies of our employees .

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